Wednesday, April 1, 2009

TNG 1x11 Hide & Q

Now we’re talking! Back to Q, the Enterprise is… ahh who cares what they were doing, they run into Q and he starts messing with them big time and then offers his powers to Riker!

I love this episode – it’s hits all the right notes from the get go, Q shows up and wham off we go to freakyworld, where the air is green and vicious animal things wearing confederate uniforms open up a can of whup-ass using their laser-bayonets!

Yes it’s every bit as weird as it sounds, along the way Picard and Q have a big Shakespeare quote-fest, Tasha gets sent to the penalty box with the possibility of blinking out of existence, and everyone gets a glass of lemonade!

After all this Q gets to the point and offers Riker unlimited powers, Riker resists until Q starts putting his crew in harms way resulting in a grisly fate for Wesley & Worf (that’s the third attempt on Wesley’s life in the first third of Season 1!) Riker bites and then offers everyone a gift, something they’ve always wanted.

He lets Geordie see, gives Worf a Klingon beeyatch to hang with, makes Wesley big (like really, unnaturally big) everyone says thanks but no thanks and then Q shows up for the piece de resistance – as a monk! Picard eventually tells him to get f#$&%d and there you have it. The most fun way to fill 44 minutes that this series has so far devised!

Really weird moment #4
OK the whole ep is weird – but what’s with the adult Wesley, where was the casting department that day??? Don’t really look much alike to me!

4 stars. Not perfect but the best ep so far!

Fave Moment: “Are these really your friends brother…”

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