Monday, March 9, 2009

TNG 1x06 Where No One Has Gone Before

A big improvement, for a lot of reasons, let me list them.

First of all the special effects are really neat, eye popping in fact and some of the things that happen (the guy trapped in the fire, Picard stepping out into space) are really cool ideas.

Kosinski, Stanley Kamel is watchable in most everything he’s in, here he plays an arrogant hard-ass, quite a contrast to the rest of the crew and the way he ticks off Riker real quick is a bonus.

The Traveller, discounting the dodgy nature of his interest in Wesley for a moment, you’ve got an interesting alien, the first since Q in fact.

The whole concept of thought as reality is the first high concept from the series and good one too!

Finally Wesley gets a job, a dream job. I don’t care if you are a Wesley hater, I was teenager at the time of seeing this and I thought it was cool!

Weird Moment #2
This is one is just strange, Picard sees his mother making tea in the hallway and without stopping to think if it’s an illusion, asks said apparition about the meaning of life!!! Okaaaay and this is the captain!

I don’t have many but how is it that the Traveller is supposed to be so much faster entering “complex equations” into the computer when he only has three fingers on each hand? (and stumpy ones at that!)

Apparently this was the first ever assignment for Maurice Hurley (an uncredited rewrite) and it almost got him the sack! He turned in a second re-write which is the product you see here. An account by one half of the original writing team is online here…

This is also the first appearance of Biff Yeager who plays Lt Cmdr Argyle, current chief engineer of the ship (told you those other guys were fired!)

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