Monday, March 9, 2009

TNG 3x04 Code of Honor

WTF??? This episode is just dross, lets rely on that old crutch, the killer plague and we have to go to this backwards planet to get the vaccine, fine, then lets throw in that other Star Trek crutch, parallel worlds, then lets make it not only boring but also offensive by throwing as many racist stereotypes as we can find into the mix.

I feel sorry for the guest actors and the regular cast on this one, reports from the set indicated that the cast were at odds with the director for the majority of filming. Commiserations to Denise Crosby who really drew the short straw with this spotlight episode. Two episodes in and it feels like poorly written re-treads of bad original series episodes, not a good look.

Whatever jeopardy there is rendered pointless by a magical “no consequences” ending which sees Dr Crusher literally revive the female protagonist from the brink of death, it’s logical – but it feels convoluted and way too pat.

NO STARS: Don’t even bother to watch, I can’t give you that hour of your life back!

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