Wednesday, March 11, 2009

TNG 1x07 Lonely Among Us

And so much for good television. As a kid I didn’t mind this although even I could tell the episode’s resolution was trite. The idea is this – the Enterprise is ferrying some ambassadors to the wonderfully named Pacifica for peace talks, however the two races (lets call them the Dog Men and the Lizard Men) are at each others throats, they’re also suspected of sabotaging the ship when things start to go haywire.

Of course they’re only suspected because everyone in the crew seems too stupid to realise that something from the “energy cloud” they all stopped to look at had gotten into the ship and was alternately possessing either crewmen or the ships computer.

Data proves to be one of those annoying types who likes to do “fun” things at work like Dress Ups and so he dons a Sherlock Holmes cap and a pipe in an effort to improve his lacklustre mystery solving skills.

Eventually this “energy being” possesses Captain Picard and it’s love at first sight! Picard declares that they’ll be beaming out into space “ENERGY ONLY” and will go on a great journey of exploration together!

Excuse me for one moment while I puke!

Anyway he does it! Despite this being the stupidest sci-fi idea since Spock lost his brain, Picard disappears, only to reappear in the ships computer (he spells the letter “P” so it must be him!) after the marriage didn’t work out, now in order for the writers to top their own stupefying premise they magically “restore” Picard by using the pattern that was last in the buffer, combining it with his “energy” that is still in the computer. Give me strength!

Total Affront
This episode is a total affront to common sense writing, a perfectly good B story involving the Anticans & the Selay (the Dog Men and the Lizard Men for those keeping score at home) is marred by a ridiculous A story about Picard getting it on with an energy creature and deciding to end his life (as we know it) only to have the crew bring him back via the magical transporter. Pathetic.

1 star for the B story – no stars for the main plot, the mystery is unmysterious and the final act defies logic.

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